Campus Ministry Student Testimony

Domingo, a 4th year student, shares his testimony of how God touched his life through Campus Ministry.

Student Leader’s Camp

This past weekend we held a camp for our student leaders preparing them for the 4500 first years that arrived from Monday.

We do this because one of our strategic focuses is having a student empowered Campus Ministry.

Last year, in February, we had over 100 first years give their lives to the Lord during the first 6 weeks of campus opening! We know God’s heart is for more to know Him so we’re going out in faith!  Here’s what all our our throughout the campus:

  • Carry the first year’s bags into res
  • Make connections and build relationship with the first year’s and share the gospel with them
  • Do social events in the resses (braais, etc)
  • Invite them to our campus service on 16 Feb which will be a massive welcome service aimed specifically at first years.

The four of us (below) were the campus staff giving oversight to the camp:

Prayer request
Please pray for more and more students to know their God and have a revelation from heaven for their studies and their future.

Here’s a few pics from the camp:

Worship & prayer

Fun & games

Strategic planning


Campus Leaders Summit 2013

We’ve just come back from our annual Campus Ministry leaders summit in JHB with all our full-time & part-time campus ministers from across Southern Africa, giving feedback for the year and planning for next year.

In the picture right at the top is all our staff members who are serving in campus ministry. All the full-time guys are supported through partnerships like yours with us.

Together we are reaching about 6000 students currently in Southern Africa.

Our hearts cried out to God as we know there over 1 million tertiary students in RSA and statistically most young people who lose their faith, do so while on the campus.

We are aware that along with other ministries that focus on youth, we have our work cut out and our faith is high that with God nothing is impossible.

Here’s some photos from the summit:  

We had a formal dinner on the last night: